Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 4, Thing 8

I'm not sure that I'm on board with RSS feeds yet. Maybe I don't completely understand how beneicial they can be but information that I am interested in seeing updated in regualer intervals, I would go (and I do) to that website and look at the information.

Week 3, Thing 7

The new apple iPhones and iPods with the touch screen are awesome! They have this really cool feature where you can look at a picture horizontally, then change the perspective to vertical.

Week 3, Thing 6

I've tried the three samples of mashups and 3rd party sites. Montagr was a really worthless site. All it did was take images from flickr. When I tried to get into the other two sites, Mappr and Flickr color Pickr, I kept getting an error message of 'Cannot find server'. Having such trouble with those sites does not bode well in convincing me to use these sites.

Week 3, Thing 5

Flickr is a really cool site. I currently use snapfish to share photos with my friends and family but there seem to be so many more options with flickr. I like that you can designate share levels so to protect access from the general public.

Week 2, Thing 3

Wow! My first blog! It was surprisingly easy to set-up.